Temple History

In ancient days, Pappanaicken Palayam was known as Pappanaicken Palayam Palyur & Pappanaicken Palayam Pudur. Palayur had a Mariamman temple and people living in Pudur used to go there for all festivals. As days passed on people of Pudur decided to build a Mariamman Temple and subsequently constructed a Perumal Temple in their vicinity. Rasakondalar Rangasamy Naidu came forward to offer his land to build both the temples.


Rangasamy Naidu’s sons, Periya Govindasamy Naidu, Bodi Naidu, Krishnama Naidu and their cousin brother Chinna Govindasamy Naidu and his son Venkatasamy Naidu had a burning desire to build a Perumal TempIe at Pappanaicken Palayam. As desired, they purchased a spacious land and the temple was built successfully.


1910 -16th May (Bingala Varusam Vaikasi Matham) Sri Srinivasaperumal Temple consecrated.

  • Ist Kumbabhisekham took place during this period
  • During this period, the temple had only a Garphagraham and Artha Mandapam
  • In front of the Artha Mandapam there was a Koodam & an Aalwar Mandapam

1923 - 23rd May (Ruthrothkari Varusam Vaikasi Matham) Koodam (Hall) with thatched roof was replaced with a roof of bricks.

  • 2nd Kumbabhisekham took place during this period
  • Genga Naidu presented the Garuda Vahanam

1935 - 8th June brick roof was taken off and karunkal mandapam was built.

  • 3rd Kumbabhisekham took place during this period
  • G. Kuppusamy Naidu & G. Venkatasamy Naidu took an active role and completed the mandapam work

1947 - 4th Kumbabhisekham, took place during this period.

1960 - 2nd June (Sarvari Varusam Vaikasi Matham) Sorga Vassal Gopuram, Raja Gopuram, Tirumathil Thiruppani works were completed.

  • 5th Kumbabhisekham took place during this period

1973 – Bhramathesa Varusham, Vaikasi Matham G.Venkatasamy Naidu nirmanitha Mahamandapam yenum Venkatesa Mandapam when completed Dr. G. K. Devarajalu did the Kumbabhisekham

  • 6th Kumbabhisekham took place during this period

1985 - 29th May (Kurothana Varusam Vaikasi Matham) 7th Kumbabhisekham took place

1997 - 15th June (Eswara Varusam Vaikasi Matham) 8th Kumbabhisekham took place

2009 - 15th May (Virodhi Varusam Vaikasi Matham) 9th Kumbabhisekham took place

Important Events

Our Temple has the speciality of holding the footprints of many Aachariyars. Alwars, Thava Yogis, Vedha Vithukkals had visited the temple and have compiled Mangalasasanam in praise of the deity.

Kanchi Periyavar has worshipped Sri Srinivasaperumal temple and has showered his blessing to devotees. During his visit, he has praised the Lord as Janarthanan, meaning “God offering all wealth”.

Sri.La.Sri. Thirukudanthai Andawar Swamigal once visited the Temple. After accepting the Temple honours he spent more than half an hour in the Artha Mandapam and offered prayers to Lord Srinivasa. After that he met the Dharmakartha and told him that Lord Srinivasa gave him the Dartshan in the Temple just like he had once at Thirupathi and requested Dharmakartha and his family members to perform the Aradhanas for the deity regularly and seek his blessings.

We invite you all to come over to the Sri Srinivasaperumal Temple, located at Pappanaickenpalayam, Coimbatore to get his divine blessing. It is believed that Lord Srinivasa listen to the prayers of the devotees.


Srinivasa Perumal Temple